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About Kristine Stone

Born in Miami, forward through adolescence, puberty & high school! Attended Simmons College in Boston, in 1985, not having any idea what I wanted to be when I grew up, so I majored in French. Halfway through my studies, I entered a "DJ For A Day" contest at WZLX....and won! That Spring day in 1988 changed everything. I ended up interning at ZLX, and returned to the NYC area to see what I could do in radio...

I started at the Ct School of Broadcasting, and landed my first on-air slot, doing middays at WWCO, Waterbury, CT. From there:


I have been with SXM since 2001, when they first went on the air, broadcasting across the U.S. & Canada. I currently work mornings on the Spectrum Ch.28, and afternoons on Classic Rewind Ch.25. I have a solid fan base on Twitter & Facebook, and can be reached on LinkedIn as well. I also have hosted events for SXM at The NADA, and hosted private corporate functions like The VIP Customer Conference at Disney World, on behalf of SXM.

In 2013,  I decided to grow my business and expand into voiceovers. Thanks to my friends at CBS, I now do imaging and promos for WFAN, NY and WZLX, Boston.
If you're looking for a mature, warm delivery, with plenty of humor and sarcasm available, I could be the female voice you're looking for! High energy reads, or sultry sexy low-key...
I have a variety of different personalities to portray.

I work in NYC at SIRIUSXM, and have a fully equipped home studio in CT.

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